Projects and Events: Autumn

After recovering from bouts of malaria and dengue fever at the end of the summer season, Traditions and Hope’s staff  are as ambitious as ever. We received a very large donation of books from the Mount Morris Public Library. Our Executive Director also made a trip to Haiti, to further develop programs. Many of our programs in Ghana and the Maldives are being worked on concurrently at fundraising stages.
After hearing about our Caravan of Knowledge program at a local Kiwanis presentation, the Mount Morris Public Library, of Mount Morris, Illinois, contacted us about donating a large number of books. A majority of the books donated are picture books for children. Also, many non-fiction and educational books for adults were included. These books went into our mobile library to reach communities that do not have access to a library.

Haitian Small Business Micro-loans

Traditions and Hope’s CEO, Kristi Showalter, and SOSCE’s founder, Amos, met with locals from Hinche, Haiti, about possible interest in micro-loans for starting a small business. In many areas, people are still recovering from the devastation of the earthquake of 2010. Business is starting to prosper again for some in Haiti. These locals are ambitious to work hard starting a small business to be able to provide for their families. A majority of the locals to attend and discuss business were women. These women want to start a variety of businesses in their community to both increase their personal income while providing some needed services to their community.

Our Executive Officer, Kristi Showalter, traveled to Haiti this October to further program development. Traditions and Hope has partnered with a non-profit, called SOS Cris d’Enfants (SOSCE), which is currently active in Haiti.

Information was collected from the locals in attendance, to begin the screening process for a micro-loan program. Depending on the type of business they are looking to start, they will be sorted into categories. We are looking for sponsorship of these loans based on the type of small business to be started. Also, as these microloans are repaid, we are looking to recycle those funds to the next set of locals desiring to start a small business.

Many of the roads in Haiti are still impassable except for heavy-duty trucks or motorbikes. The dispensing of supplies to remote areas is hindered by the quality of these roads. These roads are currently being worked on by the government, but it will take time. In the meantime, our truck in Haiti is ready to manage these roads. It can take supplies to remote areas, reaching people in need of basic supplies. Stay tuned for giving opportunities that can help fill this truck with items needed by locals in remote area of Haiti.

Many houses in Haiti are often built from concrete bricks or clay, with a metal roof. A type of cactus is used as fencing and to show property lines. It is very common to not have running water in these communities. A centralized spigot or river is used to collect water.

The local children in rural Haiti were very excited to show us around their community. They walked with us along the road, pointing out things of interest as we passed. They were very excited to show us a sugar cane field and how one picks and eats the sugar cane.

We visited a school located in rural Haiti. Much pride has been taken with managing this school. Desks are currently being built by the school, to manage their increase in students. This school has continued to operate with what little supplies they have. Being able to increase supplies would further supplement the hard work they have done to provide their children with an education.

Thanks for reading about what we have been up to!
As we head into our winter season, we are focusing heavily on program development and fundraising. These efforts will have us on the right path toward effectively and cost-efficiently bringing programs to communities in need of sustainable development.
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