Projects and Events: Summer

Traditions and Hope staff have had a busy season this summer. We picked up our first donated tractor in May. Our board and some of our staff traveled to Ghana. That trip took us through the Central, Western and Northern Regions. Our programs are growing and touching more lives week by week. It is exciting to see our hard work pay off in progress!

Tractors for Peace:
We picked up our first donated tractor from Ken of Henning, Minnesota. It took some work figuring out how to get it on the trailer, but we prevailed. The local news (KSAX) covered us picking up the tractor, which is a 1935 Ford 8N. They were the news station that originally aired our story in which the donor, Ken, heard about our work. The tractor is currently being refurbished before traveling to Ghana.

Central Region Bronze Scholarship:
In Ghana, the cost of tuition for school can often restrict a child from a disadvantaged family from attending school regularly. These children can be bright and hard working, but their family is unable to earn the funds for their schooling. For the school year Traditions and Hope awarded 60 scholarships, for approximately $67 each, for Junior and Senior High Students in the Central Region of Ghana. This scholarship is need and merit based. For the total of $4000, sixty students who may have not been able to complete a full school year are ensured a full year of education. The students are from Kwanyako, Central Region, Ghana.

Project Haiti:
The used military truck we sent to Haiti arrived. Traditions and Hope volunteer, Carlos, with the truck in Puerto Rico before it shipped to Haiti. Many roads in Haiti are still in poor condition, some are impassible without a vehicle such as this. This vehicle is being used to transport goods and supplies in and out of isolated areas in Haiti.

Pen Friend:
A staff member of ours, Jenny Chase, has launched a pen pal program between Junior High and Senior High students in Ghana with students in the USA. The goal is through these communications that children will be able to share ideas and have a better understanding of life in a different country. The exciting part of a pen pal program is receiving a hand written letter from a student from another country that has traveled across the world. The letters are currently being matched with students in the US.

My Dream Is…
Our staff and board members met with Father Timothy and his associate George. We supplied them with refurbished electronics (laptop, printer, and camera) to assist with the continued development of the “My Dream Is…” Program in Ghana. For more information on what this program is please see the “My Dream Is…” informative flyer.

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