T&H Visits Ghana with Hearing Aids

T&H Visits Ghana with Hearing Aids

In a recent working visit to Ghana, Mr. Eugene M Chase Jr., a Bryon, Illinois resident, businessman, and Chairman of the Board for Traditions and Hope USA met with Dr. Yaw Nyadu Offei. Dr. Offei is the Senior Audiologist and Senior Lecturer at the Department of Special Education at the University of Education located in Winneba, Ghana. The Audiology Center of the University is the only one of it’s kind located in Ghana. The center also serves La Cote D'Ivoire, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, and Togo. They also receive and admit multiple referrals from the surrounding villages and most deprived areas of Ghana, as well as other countries.

The Audiology Center is a non-profit and has the main following functions; teaching, research, and community service. They operate on a low budget funded by the University and other philanthropists. They offer fittings, as well as other services related to audiology.

Traditions and Hope USA has proudly had an operational affiliate located in Ghana since 2010. They have also been involved in many projects and efforts prior to that date. Earlier in the year, our partners and collaborators in Ghana successfully identified the specific audiology needs of the affected people within the previously stated areas. They have diligently researched and developed plans to help and support the Audiology Center in order to achieve their goal; Eliminating the current backlog of clients and patients within the next calendar year.

Unfortunately, many of these clients and patients have been waiting for years to participate in the educational system. This lack of education has also held them back from optimal daily functions in life.

Prior to the working visit, Mr. Chase (via one his companies Terraform Partners) acquired a sampling of five hearing aids and sent them to the Audiology Center on behalf of Traditions and Hope for technical evaluation. The long-awaited package was finally received at the end of September. Dr. Offei and his colleagues at the center performed their evaluations, worked through the specifications, and were suitably impressed. As part of that evaluation process, our Traditions and Hope USA Ghana staff were given a tour of the labs and program areas. Our staff was equally impressed with the Center’s mission, history, and goals.

This led to the working visit being carried out in order to bring a large variety of samples based on the positive feedback received. Dr. Offei was delighted to receive the additional samples and stated he has several patients that are ready to receive them. He has also committed to providing the needs based assessment profiles of the current client and patient backlogs. Mr. Chase pledged to work with the Traditions and Hope board in the USA to build a program that will achieve the Audiology Center’s goals.

As part this post, we would like to thank all the USA staff, interns, and helpers that made the trip possible. We would also like to acknowledge and give a special thanks to the business supporters who contributed to this effort. David Galica of Armor Techs and his team, Jim Hovis & Laura Stuebing of Luxis Intl., and Grant Cooper CPA. These are all DeKalb, Illinois based businesses.

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