In carrying out its mission as an international development organization, Traditions and Hope focuses its efforts in the following areas.


Healthy cultivation of plants and animals is a critical part of any region’s development. Traditions and Hope proactively works to connect people and resources in agriculture in ways that encourage regenerative benefits for generations to come.

Community Development

Problem solving is a community effort. Traditions and Hope works both in and alongside developing communities to benefit members both at the local and global scales.


As communities around the world experience both unique and shared challenges, effective and ongoing education becomes increasingly important to address such challenges. This is why Traditions and Hope actively pursues opportunities to learn from and to share between the communities we serve.


Any effort to participate in a community is predicated on its members being in good health. This is why Traditions and Hope provides access to a range of basic medical services in communities we serve whenever feasible and possible.

For more information on how Traditions and Hope is working in each of the aforementioned focus areas, feel free to browse posts in the following categories.