Medicine and Health

Much like education, we believe that health care is a universal right for all people.  For this reason, we see the development of health and medical institutions as essential.  Most nations provide some minimal health care programs.  However, in most developing nations, these programs are not adequately funded. Also, the quality medical care is not universally available.  The lack of electricity, water, and wastewater treatment, hampers public health.  These utility services significantly reduce the exposure of humans to pathogens. The pathogen issue annually claims millions of lives. The lack of these utility services also severely limits the ability of health care facilities to treat patients.  Another significant need with medical care is the availability of educated midwives, nurses and doctors. We need these figures in order to care for patients.  Education and training is a necessity to create adequate medical institutions.  Traditions and Hope believes that medical institutions must be an integral part of the early steps of sustainable development.  Creating a space to deal with large health issues is part of our emergency phase in all of our projects.  A community must have the capacity to be healthy enough to function before it can develop.

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