About T&H

About Traditions and Hope:

T&H delivers medical, agricultural, educational supplies, and assists with infrastructure. We also

train individuals and communities in developing countries who lack these

essentials for sustainable development.

Why Support Traditions and Hope?

Many nations and Non‐Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) are working to end the scourges of

poverty, hunger, disease and illiteracy.  Traditions and Hope is succeeding in our efforts

because we focus on the development of local resources to resolve problems and take an

integrated approach to development.   This includes fiscal transparency and a strengthening

supply of medical, educational and sustainable/renewable infrastructure.  Traditions and Hope

is only limited by financial resources to provide staff for local community training and


Now is the time to support Traditions and Hope through partnerships and
financial help to end the scourges of poverty hunger, disease, and illiteracy. Click the button below to donate today! Thank you so much for you support . Anything helps!

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