Traditions and Hope has established programs operating in Ghana, the Maldives and inner city neighborhoods of the United States.  Our work in rural parts of western Ghana is focused on sustainable development in conjunction with our local clients who lack basic infrastructure, education, farmer markets, adequate food and nutrition for community children, adequate medical care and most of the necessities of human life.   Our work in the Maldives is focused on agricultural development and carbon neutral infrastructure development.

Traditions and Hope is touching the lives of thousands of people.  We do not give money, food, or aid.   We provide knowledge, training, and empowerment for local residents to solve these problems.  That’s why our programs succeed!

A key goal of Traditions and Hope is to help communities in need move past short‐term assistance, into becoming self‐sufficient.  Through long‐term, self‐help development programs funded by corporate and individual donors, thousands of families in countries around the world can increase their ability to be self‐sufficient by learning and applying new, marketable skills.

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