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  • Traditions and Hope has established programs operating in Ghana, the Maldives and inner city neighborhoods of the United States.  Our work in rural parts of western Ghana is focused on sustainable development in conjunction with our local clients who lack basic infrastructure, education, farmer markets, adequate food and nutrition for community children, adequate medical care and […]

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  • Education youth

    Education and Youth: Traditions and Hope strongly believes in universal education for boys and girls to achieve complete literacy and full training for a vocation.  It is clear in all world cultures that the full education of their youth is one of the most important tasks of society. Complete education of a community’s youth can incredibly […]

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  • About T&H

    About Traditions and Hope: T&H delivers medical, agricultural, educational supplies, and assists with infrastructure. We also train individuals and communities in developing countries who lack these essentials for sustainable development. Why Support Traditions and Hope? Many nations and Non‐Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) are working to end the scourges of poverty, hunger, disease and illiteracy.  Traditions and Hope […]

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    SMALL BUSINESST&H delivers medical, agricultural and educational supplies. Also, we assist with infrastructure and training for individuals and communities in developing countries. Especially, those that lack these essentials for sustainable development. Traditions and Hope is focused on creating and maintaining global partnerships and collaborations for developing desperately needed programs of action.  These vital programs include the […]

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  • Agriculture


    Agriculture:At the core of any successful development program in any nation, is the creation of a sustainable system of agriculture.  This produces healthy food for its people.  Humanity Is struggling with an intense international food crisis.  Our approach to ending hunger and developing agriculture is to take a series of measured steps. This will foster a strong […]

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